Gemstone Rings by Designer Michelle Jesmain

Welcome to Michelle Jesmain Jewelry. I am an self proclaimed artist living in
Upstate New York creating fine jewelry in gold, platinum, palladium, and sterling
silver. You can be assured that all of the materials in my pieces have been ethically
sourced and are conflict free.

A little bit of history~
I began making gemstone jewelry in 2004 from my home studio and immediately
fell in love with every aspect from start to finish. Beginning with gemstone earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and more using beading, wire wrapping, and hand forging techniques. I have sold to clients all over the world with the bulk of my business online at my personal MiShelli Designs website.

A new journey ~
As I continue to grow and expand my skills, I have chosen to expand my catalog of
designs. I began adding rings to my jewelry line in 2013. Gemstone, engagement, and stacking rings. So many ideas and so little time. I decided to separate this line from my MiShelli Designs line here on Etsy for a smoother more cohesive shopping experience.
Feel free to take a peek at my other Etsy store in your spare time.

Techniques ~
I am also using the latest in technology. Computer Aided Designs aka. CAD. My
CAD designs begin with scribbled sketches on any kind of paper that is within my reach
at any given moment, with a lot of thoughts jotted along side the design. At this point
I haven't made any decisions as to the shapes, sizes, weight, and balance of the piece.
That all comes together slowly one step at a time. With a CAD design I can make
several changes to see which style I am looking for and and which I feel, flows together best. The next step in this process is a wax mold which will be used later for casting, as I currently don't have the capability of a safe environment due to the fact that I have 3 small children in and around my studio most days. ~ I send the piece out for casting nearby in Upstate New York. The piece is then sent back to me in the "raw" as I call it. It is prepped, set, and finished by my hands.

Final Process ~
The work doesn't end with the finishing and/or polishing of each piece. Now, I put
on my photographers hat, my descriptive writers hat, sales and marketing hat, and
networking hat and of course my customer service hat. It's a continual process ending with the sale of the item, packaging, shipping, tracking, and making sure each client is completely satisfied with their purchase.
Then it begins again......
~Michelle Jesmain

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